To investigate our research questions, we also collect the opinion of the community on double-blind reviews and their view on potential benefits and costs (challenges and negative side-effects). We publicized our survey through a number of channels (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, and personal networks), in addition to send emails to authors of ICSE papers in the last five years. Among 446 attempts to our survey, 282 people completed it entirely.

Given the time and effort needed to create such a survey and the time respondents spent into it (a total 223 researcher hours!), we humbly think it is a valuable contribution to the SE and scientific community. With the help of this questionnaire and answers, other researchers can reproduce our experiments and devise new analyses.

For this reason, we make our survey publicly available. You can download the questions (with the logic detailed) and the answers, either including partial attempts, or just the completed ones, which we used in our study. If you would like to have the transcripts of some interviews, please contact us and we ask the interviewee whether (s)he is willing to share the transcript of the interview.

'Double-blind and SE' survey:

  • Printable version (with logic detailed): download
  • Raw answers (partial not excluded): download
  • Completed answers (partial excluded): download
  • Other formats or interview transcripts: contact us